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Custom Software Development

Inventory Management Experience

McKula successfully incorporated our inventory management experience to deploy a new application to track lot-based inventory. Using Angular and .Net Core, we relied on over …

SharePoint / Office 365

Migrating Infopath to Office 365?
Let PowerAutomate Help You!

Prior to the release of PowerApps, SharePoint forms were commonly customized using a Microsoft Product called Infopath. Infopath was released as part of the Office …

Custom Software Development

No, we do not outsource your project!

A question we often get from potential clients is, does your company outsource any part of our project?  The answer is absolutely not, we never …

Custom Software Development

Using Windows Server Task Scheduler to call a PowerShell script that invokes a webservice

One method to call code on a regular interval, such as might be the case when you want to routinely run a maintenance call to …

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