Using the Microsoft Graph API

McKula Inc. has recently added some new functionality to one of their SaaS products which involves synchronizing user accounts across an organization’s enterprise – to our own apps.

We first incorporated the Graph suite of tools into one of our larger customers in-house apps for them and then expanded that use to our own product, Incident Tracker.

While Microsoft Graph has been around in various forms since 2015, recently it’s been overhauled and is now described as the gateway to data and intelligence in the Microsoft data verse. The Graph API has a singular endpoint that when properly configured provides access to a wealth of customer information. In our most recent case, we unlocked the ability for customers who host their Active Directory in the cloud to allow automatic account creation and updating to run via an unattended background process on a fixed schedule. This for example allows customers to purchase Incident Tracker with a few clicks of a button to provision an ongoing account management process that is 100% unattended, yet completely managed.

For more information on how McKula Inc. can leverage Microsoft Graph for your organization please contact us today for more information.

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