QuickBooks Desktop Integration – Saving valuable time to focus on what is important

Recently, a customer reached out to us based on our integration experience with QuickBooks Online.  They were facing a problem with monthly invoicing consuming too many resources.  Our team had not integrated to the desktop version of QuickBooks but we were confident we could complete the required integration.  The customer already had two exports into excel and csv files.   The team at McKula just needed to import these files and map them to the QuickBooks customers and services and create the invoices.

The first step was to build a proof of concept that we could connect to QB Desktop. See example on the right.

Once our team proved that we could connect to QuickBooks, it was time to build a mapping tool. The interesting part of this application is the exports were coming from two different systems with different IDs, meaning we had to map the customer from each of those imports together with the customer in QuickBooks. On top of this, the invoice lines from the exports had to be mapped to the items and services in QuickBooks as well.

After the mapping tool was created, we were ready to put it all together and complete the integration to QuickBooks 2021 Desktop. This integration serves as a great example of how custom integration can save businesses and organizations valuable time and money. A process that was taking several employees a third of their month was reduced to a much more manageable task.

Do you have a task that is using up too many valuable resources? Are you curious if integration services are a fit for you? QuickBooks integration is just one example of how our team can help save you time and money. Give us a call at 724-423-9290 and see if we can help provide value to your organization.

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