McKula Inc. Year in Review

Looking back at 2021, McKula along with our staff continued to grow and provide great service to our customers.  We are excited over the many positive changes and additions throughout our company.

We welcomed several new partnerships with local customers and many more across the world.  In what was another challenging year, we proved once again that great support tied together with a knowledgeable development team provides our customers with great service.  McKula added local Pennsylvania companies such as Penn Line, Inc, White Label Communications, Granata Enterprises, and WPA Emergency Medicine Staffing.  We love working with local companies and helping them grow.   For Penn Line, Inc we were able to provide a simplified fully digital process to replace their existing process and save them time.  This implementation was very positively received  and we were proud of it’s success.  White Label Communications decided too many resources were being spent invoicing customers.   This process was able to be simplified by integrating their systems and process with QuickBooks.  WPA Emergency Medicine Staffing has fully implemented their mobile application across their business.  We are proud to continue our work with their team now and into the future.

It is important to mention our aviation friends at  They have been a very special customer of ours for many years and 2021 was another great year of working with the JSfirm team to solve many challenges and help their operations grow and become more efficient.  There were so many more exciting ways we were able to help our customers achieve their goals this year. These are just a few examples for us to reflect on. We cannot stop now though.

Our company had other notable achievements this year.  We have added an exciting new service to our offerings.  As we continue to focus on our development services, we also have expanded our portfolio to include business training video production this year.  For more information, check it out here  We have also focused on internal improvement this year starting by revamping our own website early this year.  Our Incident Tracking software continues to be a success year after year.  For more details about its year in review refer to the latest blog  We also have continued to grow and enhance our SASS offerings.

Our company like many of our fellow businesses endured through the pandemic.  It is an achievement that we were able to retain all of our employees, as well as our summer internship positions,  but also increased our employee count with one new full-time position and one part time position.  We are thankful to continue to grow and be able to contribute back to our local community with donations to the schools, local sports and other charitable organizations.  This coming year we are looking forward to adding a new scholarship opportunity for high school seniors looking to major in an information technology field.

This year we look ahead to working with several new clients who have already signed contracts as well as our friends from years past and our new friends that we welcomed in 2021.

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