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Software testing is a crucial step in the process to ensure your software is fully functional, reliable, secure, and user-friendly. In our case, McKula is specifically referring to QA services regarding software that we have designed and developed. As the end-users’ expectations and demands continuously grow, the release of a new product without thorough testing phase can bring more risks now than ever before.

There are several steps to a successful QA process.

Functional Testing

End-to-end functional testing services ensure that your software behaves as it was intended, in compliance with all functional requirements and business needs.  BrowserStack is just one of many tools we use during functional testing.  BrowserStack is also a great tool to help in regression testing.

Performance Testing

Performance testing can be done both load testing and stress testing to project how your application performs as your organization grows.  Performance testing is critical to learn the scalability of your application.  While there are many options available, LoadNinja is a great tool for performance testing your software.

Usability Testing

Usability testing ensures that your users will find your application convenient and easy to use by recruiting real users to complete tasks while being observed.  While there is no substitute for monitoring live users, other services are available.  Remote monitored and unmonitored services are gaining traction in the usability testing process.

Security Testing

To prevent your organization from being vulnerable to a breach, penetration testing can find vulnerabilities before they are exposed.  Automated scanning tools are often scheduled to perform pen tests and report any new vulnerabilities that may arise as software changes and hackers become more sophisticated.  Besides automated scanning tools, another option is to hire ethical hackers to explore for vulnerabilities.  These hackers simulate real world attacks to find vulnerabilities in your software and technology infrastructure.

Accessibility testing
Accessibility testing uses the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure your application can serve people with various disabilities such as visual impairments and other physical/cognitive conditions.

you have options

Services:   We realize that every organization has a budget and depending on the application QA services can differ. We work with you to determine the level of QA testing your application needs. At minimum, your application will need functional testing to make sure the product you are receiving meets the needs of your organization.

We do the work

Our team can create your test plans based on the software development specs and oversee all functional testing. We design, implement, and utilize the test process to ensure your software is meeting specifications. We setup and provide reports on stress testing to meet your requirements. We also utilize 3rd party usability and security testing to provide you peace of mind on your software investment.

Your team helps

Many customers want to use the QA experience to help facilitate training and expertise within their organization as well as save a little on the budget. We will work with your team in any capacity required. We even integrate your team into our development process and give you the same access to tools such as Jira as our developers have. This ensures a smooth transition through the software development life cycle from design and implementation to quality testing and deployment.

already working with a QA team?

No problem, we’ll work with them too. Our goal is to facility top notch software and we will work with the team you have in place for your QA processes.

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