Web Development – Friendly URLs

URL rewriting increases the usability and access with which your site can be found.  It simplifies the web address when entered into the browser bar field.  Making the elements entered after the domain name simple and professional while increasing searchability for your business.  This in turn creates a shortcut to a long and sometimes complicated path.

Anyone who has fought with URL rewriting in the past understands the hardships involved with manual URL rewriting.  Traditionally web developers had to jump through hoops to mask website page names or extensions while risking introducing potential bugs to the users experience.  This has changed with the introduction of the Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls namespace to the .NET framework.

The reference to the namespace is included in newer versions of visual studio when creating a web site or project from a template, both for webforms and .NET CORE.  For older environments you can download the files needed via Nuget by searching for Microsoft.AspNet.FriendlyUrls.  The reference needed to execute FriendlyUrls is included in the RouteConfig file of your project with just a few lines of code.  The benefit to enabling this is you can manage querystrings easier, page names can be hidden or partly masked, and URLs are easy to recall.

For anyone looking to upgrade an older project or looking to start a new one this is a great tool to utilize.  Including this into your project means you will not have to make any manual changes to IIS or your web.config file or make any other configuration changes.  Please contact us to learn more about how this technology can benefit you.

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