Custom Online Forms in Incident Tracker Application

With cloud-based web applications, lack of customization is always a pain point for a customer’s needs.  Online incident management is just one of those situations where the creator of the software package may have included certain fields that a customer may or may not want, but also left out relevant or required fields related to a customer’s absolute needs.  Customization is the solution, but often this can be costly for the customer and, in some cases, not a feasible option for the creator of the solution.

Incident Tracker by McKula recently received one of the more exciting updates in the applications 10+ year lifespan.  While the customization of a form was previously possible, we can now seamlessly integrate multiple custom sections directly into the form that is used to report incidents.

This feature allows us to replicate nearly any form for an Incident. In addition to this new feature capturing all the required information, workflows and reporting features work directly with the custom fields as well. This provides the ultimate flexibility to our customers.

Custom forms are just another customer centric feature in a whole list offered by Incident Tracker, making it one of the most feature packed applications available for incident management and tracking.  For more information – visit the Incident Tracker web site today.

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