Chamber Breakfast Event

Wake Up Westmoreland Breakfast

This past week we had the honor presenting at the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast event.  The topic of the morning was the development and demonstration of the new ShopMP application built for the Mt. Pleasant Business District Authority.  It was a great experience to share with other business  people of the area the whole process of developing a custom phone application such as the ShopMP app, and all the decisions that get made in conjunction with the customer as you build toward a final product.

Some of the newer features were introduced to those in attendance including the integration of the phone platform’s navigation software that allows users to be taken or navigated to a business or event location.  Calendar integration was added to improve the experience for users when viewing events, allowing them to add an event to their phone’s calendar with a click of the button.  Push notification improvements now take users directly to the deal, business, or event rather than just opening the front page of the app providing a direct path from a push notification to the desired page within the app.

It’s exciting to be able to share these improvements and the ShopMP application in general with the business owners in the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce.  The ShopMP app is available both in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store for download free of charge.

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