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Why Invest in Training Videos for your Company?

Training employees can be challenging with so many factors involved. You may have multiple locations, employees who work from home, or even different time zones. Not to mention the cost of training new employees over and over as they are hired.  Furthermore, some skills may need to be reinforced for employees who have already been

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Session Fixation (Man in the middle attack)

Session based attacks to web pages are based on the notion that a session ID (which is a unique identifier for a web page visitor’s session) is known by a third party who then can pass that session ID to a web site and assume the identity of the visitor. This is also known as

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Document Sharing Options in Office 365 (OneDrive, SharePoint, etc)

At McKula, we often work with and recommend Microsoft’s Office 365 service when potential customers ask about document management and sharing. Various plans that include different services are offered by Microsoft, often times the featured offered in these plans depend on the level of the plan you purchase. Specifically when it comes to document sharing

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What Google’s Security Flag Means to Your Web Site and SEO

Google has been pushing more and more for web sites to secure themselves with HTTPS encryption and in July 2018 they will take a larger step utilizing their Chrome browser to identify non-secure sites to users.  According to google, over 68% of traffic in Chrome on both Android and Windows is now secure while over

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