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Migrating Infopath to Office 365?
Let PowerAutomate Help You!

Prior to the release of PowerApps, SharePoint forms were commonly customized using a Microsoft Product called Infopath. Infopath was released as part of the Office 2003 family. For many years Infopath served as a reliable tool for users to make design (and some code) changes to SharePoint forms. Many Infopath forms have been in use

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Nintex State Machines and moving to Microsoft Power Automate

Budget and costs are always a concern especially when migrating or operating in the cloud.  We’ve recently helped clients convert Nintex Workflows to Microsoft Power Automate in order to help lower the subscription costs of Nintex.   One of the larger challenges presented in these conversions is the state machine action offered by Nintex.  State Machines

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SharePoint Meta Data Tags during Import

We’ve often discussed with clients looking to utilize some of the features in SharePoint for document management the benefits of using meta data and tags to make finding document easier.  One of the challenges often faced with this approach is the migration of an existing file share or a large number of documents from another

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SharePoint / Office 365 serving as a Virtual Data Room

We recently had a request to set up a SharePoint environment to serve as a less featured version of a virtual data room so that an organization could make available documents to external users and organizations. SharePoint was chosen as the environment by the client because of the relative speed in which the needed components

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SharePoint Branding and Customization

Often times a client interested in SharePoint wants make a change either small or drastic to the look of the out of the box SharePoint site.  The basic branding changes include a few color palette changes and a logo placement.  Eventually though, a client will want to alter some of the layout, remove a menu,

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What is the most cost effective way to convert complex Lotus Notes databases?

Lotus Notes was a very effective tool for its time.  The platform allowed for the effective deployment of applications that could range in size from simple expansions of existing database templates to highly customized and complex applications. Converting mail files and templates has been done.  Many partners have developed advanced tools and techniques that makes

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I can’t find files in our file share – You need SharePoint

The File Share Problem We’ve got a current customer that is facing a common problem as their file share grows. Nobody follows a naming convention, versioning is done with random bits of information like the date or month mixed into the document name, and files that may belong in more than one place are impossible

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Office 365 Who To Call List with JSLink Customization

The Problem This past week we had a request from a client to display a list of employees to call based on a selected department.  They asked that the menu specifically be displayed on the left side of the screen with the department users displayed in two columns in a box like display.  They also

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Nintex Forms and Workflows

The main tools to utilize in SharePoint development of forms and workflows have been InfoPath and SharePoint Designer.  However, with Microsoft’s latest updates in 2016, new versions of InfoPath and SharePoint Designer were missing from the list.  Microsoft has stated that there won’t be new versions of InfoPath, and it seems to be the case

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