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Category: Custom Software Development

Using the Microsoft Graph API

McKula Inc. has recently added some new functionality to one of their SaaS products which involves synchronizing user accounts across an organization’s enterprise – to our own apps. We first incorporated the Graph suite of tools into one of our larger customers in-house apps for them and then expanded that use to our own product,

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Required to use DocuSign? Make life easier!

An existing McKula customer presented a problem they faced complying with PennDot’s requirement to report projects through DocuSign.  The new process was going to require new staffing resources at a time when staffing resources are expensive and hard to find.  On top of that, this inefficient process would pull directly from their bottom line.  The

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Why Good Preparation with a Quote will Save You Money

While it can be exciting and tempting to try and get your software project out to market as fast as possible, taking the time to lay the foundation of your project will benefit you now and in the long run.  Often overlooked, but an extremely important step in that process is what happens before any

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Using Microsoft Azure to power your business

The McKula team just finished up an exciting new Angular application hosted on Microsoft Azure for a client.  Using App Services to host their API, Angular UI and Azure SQL for their database, they get a secure, low maintenance, and reliable platform to host their service.  Microsoft Azure gives us the reliability, security, and flexibility

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Why Invest in Training Videos for your Company?

Training employees can be challenging with so many factors involved. You may have multiple locations, employees who work from home, or even different time zones. Not to mention the cost of training new employees over and over as they are hired.  Furthermore, some skills may need to be reinforced for employees who have already been

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Inventory Management Experience

McKula successfully incorporated our inventory management experience to deploy a new application to track lot-based inventory. Using Angular and .Net Core, we relied on over 15 years of experience developing inventory management software to assist a customer in tracking certifications using lot numbers. Our developers created a customized solution to customer specifications allowing them to

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No, we do not outsource your project!

A question we often get from potential clients is, does your company outsource any part of our project?  The answer is absolutely not, we never have and never will.  We are personally with you every step of the way from first contact through development and deployment to eventual support and maintenance.  The faces you become

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