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Month: September 2021

Session Fixation (Man in the middle attack)

Session based attacks to web pages are based on the notion that a session ID (which is a unique identifier for a web page visitor’s session) is known by a third party who then can pass that session ID to a web site and assume the identity of the visitor. This is also known as

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Inventory Management Experience

McKula successfully incorporated our inventory management experience to deploy a new application to track lot-based inventory. Using Angular and .Net Core, we relied on over 15 years of experience developing inventory management software to assist a customer in tracking certifications using lot numbers. Our developers created a customized solution to customer specifications allowing them to

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Migrating Infopath to Office 365?
Let PowerAutomate Help You!

Prior to the release of PowerApps, SharePoint forms were commonly customized using a Microsoft Product called Infopath. Infopath was released as part of the Office 2003 family. For many years Infopath served as a reliable tool for users to make design (and some code) changes to SharePoint forms. Many Infopath forms have been in use

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